Heatable Flow and Transmission Cells for Spectroscopy

The heatable transmission cells and flow cells may be used with any of Specac’s heated cell holders, including the Variable Temperature cell holder, Water Heating Jacket and Electrical Heating Jacket. They are available in sealed, static, demountable and flow forms, with a temperature range of +250 °C to –190 °C. With a sliding mount adapter, they may also be used independently.

Key Features of the Heatable Transmission Cells

Designed to be Heated or Cooled

These stainless-steel cells can be heated to 250 °C and cooled to –70 °C (liquid cells) or –190 °C (solid cells). They have a tiny port for attaching a thermocouple for measurement (not included).

Flow Cell Configurations

Swagelok connectors are available for use with sample pumping systems. This is beneficial in situations where samples and cleaning solutions must be recycled on a regular basis.

Choice of Permanently Sealed or Demountable Window Sets

Demountable windows provide greater pathlength flexibility and can be dismantled to clean tough samples. Sealed cells prevent leakage and guarantee pathlength stability.

Extensive Selection of Materials

 The windows are available in a variety of spectral bands, from near-IR to THz frequencies.

Liquid Flow Cells

In flow cells, 1/16th inch Swagelok unions are either flushed to the cell body or to 1/16th inch flow tubes. In the Specac Electrical Heating Jacket or Water Heating Jacket, either of these can be used, but only the second type can be used in the Variable Temperature Cell Holder.

Static Liquid Cells

Ports on the front face are used to fill the static cells (closed with hex nuts during the recording of spectra). To introduce the sample to the cell, an appropriate syringe can be used. Luer fittings, on the other hand, may be screwed in place for use with a Luer syringe.

Pellet Holders

These are basic screw-fit cells that can support sample pellets or wafers. The Water and Electrical Heating Jackets have one design that can accept samples up to 3 mm thick and 28 mm in diameter, while the Variable Temperature Cell Holder and Water Heating Jacket have a second design that can take samples up to a thickness of 8 mm and a diameter of 30 mm.


Source: Specac Ltd

  Liquid flow cell
Liquid flow cell
Static liquid cell
Pellet holder
Pellet holder
  Variable Temperature holder
  Electrical heating jacket
  Water heating jacket

Flow connections 1/16th inch flow tubes with Swagelok unions 1/16th inch Swagelok unions n/a n/a
Pathlength / sample thickness 0.006 to 1.00 mm (demountable cells)
0.025 to 1.00 mm (sealed cells)
< 3 mm < 8 mm
Spacer materials Mylar or PTFE (demountable cells)
Lead amalgam (sealed cells)
Window materials NaCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe n/a
Configuration Sealed or demountable Demountable
Cell materials Stainless steel Stainless steel
Temperature -70 to +250 °C -190 to +250 °C
Maximum pressure 5 psi n/a

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