High Performance Single-Reflection Quest ATR Accessory

Specac offers a high performance single-reflection Quest ATR Accessory specifically designed for spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid- and far-infrared. Based on reflective gold-coated optics, the Quest features Specac's Synopti-Focal Array technology with precision-mouldedaspheric mirrors. These features enable a high throughput accessory with an extended wavelength capability that is perfect for mid and far-IR spectroscopy.

In addition, the Quest ATR Accessory is available with four interchangeable ATR crystal pucks such as ZnSe, Ge, high throughput diamond, and extended wavelength diamond. Made from hardened stainless steel, each puck is held in place on the accessory magnetically, making them easily interchangeable sans requiring further alignment.

Key Features

The main features of the high performance Quest ATR Accessory are:

  • Innovative optical design
  • Synopti-Focal Array technology with precision-mouldedaspheric mirrors
  • Robust monolithic diamond ATR crystal option
  • Four interchangeable ATR crystal pucks
  • Suitable for mid and far-infrared spectroscopy

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