Spectrometer for Mobile Measurement Equipment – MS Series

The Hamamatsu MS series are mini spectrometer heads designed for integration into portable measurement equipment, by combining Hamamatsu‘s image and MEMS sensor technologies.

A CMOS image sensor equipped with a light receiving slit is used in the mini spectrometer. The internal optical system includes a convex lens on which nanoimprint forms a grating. As a result, the MS series is much smaller in size - less than one-third of the quantity of RC series mini-spectrometers that are already available on the market.

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Key Features

  • Thumb size: 27.6 × 16.8 × 13 mm
  • Weight: 9 g
  • Spectral response range: 340 to 750 nm and 640 to 1050 nm
  • Spectral resolution: 14 nm and 20 nm
  • Wavelength conversion factor for changing the image sensor pixel number to a wavelength is listed on test result sheet
  • Installation into mobile measurement equipment


  • Color monitoring for printers and printing machines (C10988MA-01)
  • Installation into large size display (Color control device) (C10988MA-01)
  • Fruit sugar content measurement / cereal taste test (C11708MA)
  • Component analysis (C11708MA)

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