Finger-Nail Sized, Ultra Compact Mini-Spectrometer – Hamamatsu C12666MA

Hamamatsu C12666MA is an ultra-compact spectrometer head, which is designed based on the company’s MEMS and image sensor technologies.

The implementation of a recently designed optical system has resulted in an exceptionally small size (finger-tip size), which is lower than half of the volume of the earlier mini-spectrometer MS series - C10988MA-01. The use of hermetic packaging also provides better humidity resistance.

The C12666MA is suitable for integrating in a wide range of devices, such as mobile color monitoring devices and printers that need color management. The system can also be used for applications that integrate with mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

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Key Features

  • Finger-tip size: 20.1 ×12.5 ×10.1 mm
  • Integrates MEMS and image sensor technologies
  • Spectral resolution: 15 nm maximum
  • Spectral response range: 340 to 780 nm
  • Can be integrated in portable measurement equipment
  • Wavelength conversion factor is listed on final inspection sheet
  • Hermetic package: Excellent reliability against humidity
  • Weight: 5 g


  • Testers for LEDs and lights
  • Color monitoring for printing machines and printers
  • Color adjustment of a variety of large size displays
  • Measuring instruments that use mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Water quality control monitors and other similar environment measuring systems

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