Rapid and Easy Determination of Fluorescence Lifetime with the Quantaurus-Tau Spectrometer

Hamamatsu’s Quantaurus-Tau is a compact system developed for measuring fluorescence lifetimes starting from subnanosecond to the millisecond range.

The system can be operated easily; users simply place the sample into the sample chamber and enter a number of conditions on the measurement software to determine the PL spectrum and fluorescence lifetime in a short period of time with excellent accuracy. Analysis results can be acquired in just 60 seconds for a standard measurement.

The fluorescence spectrum, acquired from a fluorescent probe or an organic material, is a key parameter to assess and control the characteristics and functions of materials, such as the fluorescence intensity and peak wavelength. A fluorescence spectrum will often display time-integrated data and when different reactive elements and substances are present in the material, their fluorescence spectrum can only be obtained as an integrated data.

In such situations, the best way would be to view the light emission dynamics using the time axis parameter. This is often referred to as fluorescence lifetime measurement, where the time needed for the substance - which is activated by the pulsed light to return to its ground state - is determined in the sub-nanosecond to millisecond range. Through this measurement more data can be obtained, such as many different fluorescence lifetimes at the same percentage and wavelength in which they exist in the material.

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Key Features

  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Easy and rapid measurement
  • Fluorescence spectrum measurements
  • Time resolution better than 100 ps (by deconvolution)
  • High sensitivity measurement by photon counting method
  • Seven excitation wavelength – 280, 340, 365, 405, 470, 590, and 630
  • Two selection of detector: C11367-31/-34 (standard) and C11367-32/-35 (NIR)
  • Analysis of different sample forms
  • Optional cooling function for solution sample (-196°C)
  • Optional phosphorescence measurement

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