Fluorescence Lifetime Determination with Picosecond Resolution - C11200 / Mode-Locked Laser System

Hamamatsu has developed the Picosecond Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement System to meet the needs of scientists exploring photofunctional materials.

Thanks to the use of a streak camera, an optical transient recorder combined with picosecond time response, ultra-fast time-resolved spectrophotometry has become a reality and also enables detection sensitivities in the photon counting region.

A spectrometer can be integrated into the system to make concurrent time and wavelength measurements. A PC is used to control measurement parameters like time and wavelength settings for streamlined laboratory usage.

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Key Features

  • 5 ps temporal resolution
  • 2D photon counting
  • Concurrent multi-wavelength measurement
  • A broad dynamic range better than 100 00:1
  • Determines fluorescence lifetime with excellent S/N ratio with minimum integration time
  • Spans fluorescence phenomena from picoseconds to milliseconds
  • Spans a broad wavelength range from UV to NIR
  • Standard optical system enables easy optical alignment
  • Highly accurate measurement due to a temperature-controlled picosecond laser diode


  • Study of photonic crystals
  • Analysis of initial stages of photochemistry and photophysics
  • Analysis of dynamic structures of interfaces and surfaces and microscopic environments
  • Analysis of dynamic structures of 2D molecular aggregates, like LB film, macromolecule film, deposition film, and liquid crystal
  • Analysis of quantum size effect and exciton dynamics, for instance quantum wire and semiconductor doped glass
  • Phosphorescence spectrum and time-resolved fluorescence assessment of organic LED materials
  • Study, assessment, and analysis relating to fluorescence lifetime measurements in numerous other fields

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