Thermoelectrically Cooled Near IR (900 to 1700 nm) Mini-Spectrometer - Hamamatsu TG Series

The TG series mini-spectrometers C9914GB and C9913GC are polychromators incorporated with an image sensor and optical elements. Through an optical fiber, light is directed into the entrance port of the spectrometers for measurement, and the spectrum, measured with the integrated image sensor, is sent from the USB port to a PC to acquire data.

The C9914GB and C9913GC mini-spectrometers enable precise measurement with minimal noise levels by cooling the image sensor. They are equipped with evaluation software to obtain and save data, set measurement conditions and to display graphs. End-users can design original measurement software using DLL’s function specification.

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Key Features

  • Highly precise optical characteristics
  • High throughput due to transmission grating made of quartz
  • Low noise
  • Compact design for trouble-free assembly
  • Wavelength conversion factor is stored in internal memory


  • Component analysis in food, agriculture fields, etc.
  • Water content measurement
  • Process control for chemical products

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