ProFat Meat Analyzer for Moisture and Protein Analysis

The ProFat Meat Analyzer from CEM is ideal for analyzing raw meat products with its accuracy, versatility and speed. This analyzer is up to 40% faster with iPower® Technology and is used for protein, moisture and fat analysis of raw meat and meat blends in just 3 minutes.

CEM's SMART Trac II is suitable for analyzing samples that are cooked or have water added.

The SMART 6 ProFat incorporates microwave moisture measurement with data modeling analysis in order to rapidly evaluate turkey meat, chicken, pork and beef with superior accuracy and precision. It is possible to use the rapid analysis for process control to ensure least cost formulation, release materials and make blend corrections. The SMART 6 ProFat is also capable of being used to verify and maintain performance of NIR or X-ray devices.

An official AOAC method is used by the system to rapidly measure the moisture content. The system also uses a simple curve fitting program to provide the best estimate of protein and fat content. The system’s performance is comparable to the standard oven drying and fat extraction analysis methods.

Process and Quality Control Benefits

  • Complete meat analysis data in 3 minutes or less
  • Green, low energy needs, no hazardous waste
  • Control production processes with rapid data
  • Uses AOAC Official Method 2008.06 for moisture determination

The SMART 6 ProFat is readily available to analyze raw meat and blends with preprogrammed methods.

ProFat Features

Patented IntelliTemp™ Temperature Control

Consistent results, operator to operator and location to location. Nonstop feedback during the drying process prevents sample burning. The user-defined temperature setpoint is maintained by automatically adjusting microwave power.

iPower® Technology

Samples reach optimal drying temperature rapidly and complete analysis in 40% less time.

Power Control

Prevents unit-to-unit and plant-to-plant variations. The SMART 6 ProFat modifies the microwave energy based on incoming line voltage, providing repeatable test conditions and normalizing fluctuations.

Measure Fat in Cooked and Processed Meats with Available Upgrade

The SMART 6 ProFat Turbo can be effortlessly upgraded in order to analyze fat with the innovative SMART Trac system.

Continuous Weighing during Drying

Prevent operator-to-operator variation. Regular monitoring during drying permits the SMART 6 ProFat to determine the precise time a sample is dry, guaranteeing complete dryness and an accurate result.

Patented "Dual Monitoring" of Temperature and Weight

Correlation to conventional temperature-based methods is attained by monitoring both the weight loss and the sample temperature. The SMART 6 ProFat provides easy method development by allowing users to input the temperature of the standard method and drying to a constant weight.


Hazardous chemicals are not used by the SMART 6 ProFat.

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