EP46HT-1: Structural Adhesive with High Thermal Stability

The Master Bond’s EP46HT-1 epoxy system forms high performance structural bonds that can withstand temperatures up to +600 °F (316 °C). It has high chemical resistance, is an excellent electrical insulator and bonds effectively to dissimilar substrates.  The glass transition temperature for this product is over 230 °C. This two component epoxy also withstands rigorous thermal cycling. In addition to its use for structural bonding, it is also a superb choice as a matrix resin for fiber reinforced, high performance, heat resistant composite structures. It is well suited for demanding applications in the aerospace, electronic and specialty OEM industries.

Key Properties

  • Compressive strength, 75 °F: >15,000 psi
  • Volume resistivity, 75 °F: >1016 ohm-cm
  • Service temperature range: -100 °F to +600 °F [-73 °C to +316 °C]
  • Mixed viscosity, 75 °F: 15,000-35,000 cps
  • Working life after mixing, 75 °F: 100 gram batch >24 hours

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