Prof Pal Mangat


Centre for Infrastructure Management

Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus
Howard Street
S1 1WB
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (0) 1142253339
Fax: 44 (0) 1142254546
Email: [email protected]


Research Interets

  • Modelling of deterioration processes in concrete
  • Performance of corroding and repaired reinforced concrete elements
  • Repair technology
  • Novel construction materials based on industrial waste, binders and non-cement activators

Major Qualifications

PhD, BSc (Eng), CEng, MICE, MIStructE, Member of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers.

Major Publications

  1. J. M. Khatib and P. S. Mangat, 'Porosity of cement paste cured at 45 degrees C as a function of location relative to casting position', Cem.Concr.Compos.,2003, 97, 25, ISBN 0958-9465
  2. P.S.Mangat and D. Catley, 'Low Voltage Accelwrated Curing System for future Precast Concrete, 2005, 111, 1, ISBN3-7625-3607-4
  3. J. M. Khatib and P. S. Mangat, 'Influence of high-temperature and low-humidity curing on chloride penetration in blended cement concrete, Cem.Concr.Res., 2002, 32, 1743, ISBN 0008-8846
  4. P. S. Mangat and F. J. O'Flaherty , 'Analysis of interfacial shrinkage stresses in patch repairs, Mag.Concr.Res., 2004, 375, 56, ISBN 0024-9831

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