Prof Richard P. Mildren

Associate Professor

MQ Photonics Research Centre

Department of Physics, Macquarie University
PH: +61 (2) 98508965
Fax: +61 (2) 98508983
Email: [email protected]


I conduct research in novel laser device development and laser applications. My current focus is on crystalline Raman lasers, particularly in the development of wavelength-versatile lasers and diamond Raman lasers. My projects are often aimed to involve collaborative partners with non-University partners in industry and government agencies. My own non-academic experience includes leadership of R&D for a University spin-off company in wavelength-switchable medical lasers and numerous collaborations with industry. As of 2010, I am an Australian Research Council Future Fellow in the MQ Photonics Research Centre at Macquarie University and the Department of Physics.

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