Prof Dane Morgan


The Computational Materials Group

University of Wisconsin - Madison
United States
PH: +1 (608) 2655879
Fax: +1 (608) 2628353
Email: [email protected]


Dane Morgan obtained a PhD from U.C. Berkeley in 1998, was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT until 2004, and is now an assistant professor at University of Wisconsin, Madison. His work combines statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and kinetic theory with atomic scale calculations to understand and predict materials properties. A major focus of Morgan`s work is energy applications, including fuel cells, batteries, and nuclear materials, but he also works in the areas of high-pressure and aqueous mineral geoscience, sacrificial anode corrosion, electron emitter cathodes, and defect properties in semiconductors.

Morgan has published over 55 papers and given over 40 invited presentations in the above areas. Morgan is co-founder and CEO of Computational Modeling Consultants, a company that develops and applies computational modeling tools to solve materials problems for industry.

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