Dr Simon R. Hall

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Centre for Organized Matter Chemistry

School of Chemistry
University of Bristol
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (0) 1173317215
Fax: 44 (0) 1179251295
Email: [email protected]


Simon Hall has been studying the template control of the structure of inorganic materials for twelve years.

He joined the University of Bristol in 1997, reading for a PhD in Biomimetic Materials Chemistry in the laboratory of Professor Stephen Mann FRS. After a three year postdoctoral study, where he produced advanced functional materials for Vectura Ltd. and Toyota Ltd, he was awarded a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2004. He has published over 30 scientific papers, one single author book entitled "Biotemplating: Complex Structures from Natural Materials" (ISBN 10: 1848164033) and holds a World patent for pharmaceutical excipients. The title of his thesis was "Template Control of the Structure of Minerals" and was concerned with the role that molecular and macromolecular additives play in the shaping of inorganic phases, particularly silica, calcite and metal nanoparticles.

His Royal Society Fellowship concerns the use of biotemplates in the morphological control of superconductors, a new approach to an intensively researched field. Significant results have already been realized, with the production of the first type-II, high temperature superconductor single crystal nanowires. This technologically important morphology raises the World record critical temperature for superconducting nanowires from 39 to 85 K.

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