Dr Gary Critchlow

Senior Research Fellow

Loughborough University, Department of Materials

Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1509) 222949
Email: [email protected]


Worked for Loughborough University since January 1987; initially as a member of the Surface Analysis Group of Loughborough Consultants Ltd located within the Physics Department. In 1990 this group became the Institute of Surface Science and Technology (ISST) and was later integrated within the Institute of Polymer Technology and Materials Engineering (IPTME). Currently a Senior Research Fellow; at any moment in time managing a number of industrial consultancies as well as larger more fundamental research programmes.


Corrosion Award 2002 from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

Research Interests and Activities

Has, for many years, had an interest in applied surface science to enhance the functional properties of materials. Initial collaborations were based on the characterisation and optimisation of tribological hard coatings. Ongoing collaborative research has included studies into the deposition of thin films for semiconductor, optoelectronic and sensor applications from the metal-organic chemical vapour deposition route. The majority of studies, however, have been concerned with the use of advanced analytical techniques in understanding the performance of metal bonding systems such as structural joints in aerospace or defence applications or advanced coatings. Crucial to the performance of such is their ability to resist environmental factors such as corrosion caused by moisture ingress. Helping to develop an understanding of the role of corrosion processes and the influence of the interphasial polymer on the failure of structural and non-structural bonds is the focus a number of studies.

Specific interests include:

  • Surface analysis and materials characterisation including Auger electron and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies (AES/XPS). Chemical pretreatments for metals including anodising and conversion coatings.
  • Adhesion and abhesion.
  • Structural adhesive bonding.
  • Thin film deposition.

Major Qualifications

BSc York, PhD Loughborough, FIMMM, FIMF, C.Phys, MInst P

Major Publications

  • ‘Growth of Praseodymium Oxide and Praseodymium Silicate Thin Films by Liquid Injection MOCVD’, Critchlow GW, Aspinall HC, Gaskell J, Williams PA, Chemical Vapor Deposition, 10[2], 83-89 (2004).
  • ‘Surface Cleaning Technologies for the Removal of Crosslinked Epoxide Resin’ Critchlow GW, Lichfield RE, Wilson S, Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 26[5], 295-303, (2006).
  • ‘A Review and Comparative Study of Release Coatings for Optimised Abhesion in Resin Transfer Moulding Applications’ Critchlow GW, Grandy DB, Lichfield RE, Sutherland I, Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 26(8), 577-599, (2006).
  • ‘Strategies for the Replacement of Chromic Acid Anodising for the Structural Bonding of Aluminium Alloys’, Critchlow GW, Bahrani D, Quinn A, Yendall KA, Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 26[6], 419-453, (2006).

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