Prof David Gabe

Emeritus Professor

Loughborough University, Department of Materials

Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1509) 223339
Email: [email protected]


Research Interests

  • Electrochemical coating technology. Surface engineering and corrosion protection.
  • Industrial effluent treatment and environmental issues.

Major Qualifications

MBSc Wales, MMet, PhD, DMet Sheffield, CEng, FIM, FIMF.

Major Publications

  • Rezai Kalantary, M., Gabe, D.R. and Ross, D.H., ''Ageing Criteria for Cold Sealing of Anodised Aluminium'', Proceedings of Conference Surface Treatment of Aluminium, Al 2000, Cavallotti, P.L. (ed), AIEM, Milan, Como, Italy, 1992, p 37. SFX
  • Rezai Kalantary, M., Gabe, D.R. and Ross, D.H., ''The Role of Surfactants in the Cold Sealing Solution'', Proceedings of International Surface Finishing Conference, Institute of Metal Finishing, ISFEC 92, Telford, 1992, pp 75-104. SFX
  • Kalantary, M.R., Gabe, D.R. and Goodenough, M., ''Pulse Electroplating for PCBs and its Effect on Properties of the Coating'', Proceedings of Scandinavian Pulse Plating Symposium, Lyngby, February 1992, pp 1-10. SFX
  • Gabe, D.R., ''Cadmium Electrodeposition: Alternatives to Cadmium Cyanide'', Proceedings of Inst.Met.Symposium Towards Greener Surface Treatments, London, April 1992, pp 1-8. SFX
  • Gabe, D.R., ''Surface Finishing and the Environment: Alternatives to Cadmium as a Surface Coating'', Proceedings of Surface Engineering '92, Newcastle upon Tyne, May 1992, pp 1-8. SFX
  • Wilcox, G.D. and Gabe, D.R., ''Electrodeposited Zinc Alloy Coatings'', Proceedings of International Conference: Advances in Corrosion and Protection, UMIST, Manchester, June 1992, pp 1-10. SFX

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