Dr Houzheng Wu

Senior Lecturer

Loughborough University, Department of Materials

Loughborough University
LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1509) 223342
Email: [email protected]


Attained B. Eng and M. Phil in China, and final degree in Oxford University from the Department of Materials. Started higher education career in Tianjin University in China as an Assistant Professor to Associated Professor and Professor. Meanwhile, became the Director of the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Machining Techniques, funded by the Ministry of Education in China. After spending a year as a Sino-British Friendship Fellowship and four more years as a Research Fellow in Oxford, started higher education career in Britain as a Lecturer, and then Senior Lecturer in Coventry University and Loughborough University respectively.

Research Interests and Activities

Started with advanced ceramics for engine components two decades ago, he has been currently focusing on the reliability of ceramics in various engineering applications. The research includes developing novelty ways of using various reinforcements to improve the damage tolerance of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs); understanding the mechanical behaviour of ceramics in different scales. Over 50 papers have been published.

Specific interests include:

  • Ceramic composites with reinforcements from long carbon-fibre to nano-fibre and nano-particles;
  • Grain refining in ceramics through severe mechanical deformation and recrystallisation;
  • Surface engineering and tribology: ductile deformation, micro-fracture, residual strain and near surface integrity;
  • Processing techniques for manufacturing CMCs.

Major Qualifications

B Eng, M Phil, D Phil (Oxford)

Major Publications

  • ‘Residual Stress and Subsurface Damage in Machined Alumina and Alumina/Silicon Carbide Nanocomposite Ceramics’, Wu H, Derby B, Roberts SG, Acta Materialia, 49[3], 507-517, (2001).
  • ‘Subsurface Damage Analysis by TEM and 3D FIB Crack Mapping in Alumina and Alumina/5vol.%SiC Nanocomposites’, Wu H, Inkson BJ, Mobus G, Roberts SG, Acta Materialia, 51[1], 149-163, (2003).
  • ‘Sub-Surface Damage in Ground and Annealed Alumina and Alumina-Silicon Carbide Nanocomposites’, Wu H, Roberts SG, Tanner BK, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 89[12], 3745-3750, (2006).
  • ‘Subsurface Damage in Alumina and Alumina-Silicon Carbide Nanocomposites’, Wu H, Hase TPA, Roberts SG, Tanner BK, Philosophical Magazine, 84[12], 1219-1232, (2004).

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