Dr Andrew Kennedy

Associate Professor

Manufacturing Division, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham

Faculty of Engineering, The University of Nottingham
University Park
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (115) 9513744
Email: [email protected]


Dr Andrew Kennedy received his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge respectively. He joined the Faculty at Nottingham in 1994 where his research has focussed mostly on the fabrication, characterisation and testing of metal matrix composites and, in the last 10 years, porous metals and metal foams.

His research interests within metal foams are principally centred upon manufacturing technologies for making innovative porous metal and metal foam structures and strategies for cost reduction. He has authored more than 30 papers relating to metal foams and porous metals and is a consultant to industry.

Major Qualifications

BEng, PhD, FIMMM, CEng

Major Publications

  • A R Kennedy, The effect of TiH2 heat treatment on gas release and foaming in Al- TiH2 preforms, Scripta Mater, 47, 2002, 763-767.
  • A R Kennedy and S Asavavisithchai, Effect of ceramic particle additions on foam expansion and stability in compacted Al-TiH2 powder precursors, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2004, 6, No 6, 400-402.
  • S. Asavavisithchai and A.R. Kennedy, Effect of powder oxide content on the expansion and stability of PM-route Al foams, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 297, 2006, p715-723.
  • S. Asavavisithchai and A.R. Kennedy, The effect of Mg addition on the stability of Al–Al2O3 foams made by a powder metallurgy route, Scripta Materialia, 54, 2006, 1331-1334.
  • S. Asavavisithchai and A. R. Kennedy, The Role of Oxidation During Compaction on the Expansion and Stability of Al Foams Made Via a PM Route, Advanced Engineering Materials, 8, 6, 2006, 568-572.
  • Seksak Asavavisithchai, Victor H. Lopez and Andrew R. Kennedy, Non-Isothermal Decomposition of As-Received and Oxidised TiH2 Powders, MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS, Vol. 48 (2007), No. 10,2715-2717.
  • Jinnapat, A.R. Kennedy, The manufacture of spherical salt beads and their use as dissolvable templates for the production of cellular solids via a powder metallurgy route, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 499, Issue 1, 4 June 2010, Pages 43-47.
  • Apichart Jinnapat and Andrew Kennedy, The Manufacture and Characterisation of Aluminium Foams Made by Investment Casting Using Dissolvable Spherical Sodium Chloride Bead Preforms
    Metals, 2011, 1(1), 49-64 (open access)

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