Prof Jung Ho Je

Professor, Director X-ray Imaging Center

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology

Room 3272 (RIST), San 31 Hyoja-dong
South Korea
PH: 82 (54) 279214
Email: [email protected]


Jung Ho Je works on “development and applications of X-ray imaging” based on using synchrotron hard X-rays. Phase contrast X-ray imaging with or without x-ray optics is his main concern of development. Specifically high spatial resolution of 10nm and high temporal resolution of <1ms are the main targets.

Prof. Je’s recent work has focused on the applications of X-ray imaging to dynamic studies of soft matters such as gas bubble/liquid systems, colloidal systems, living cell systems, etc. Unsolved fundamental phenomena in soft matters are investigated by visualizing in real-time internal structures in 2-dimension (2-D) or 3-D.

Another domain of research pursed by Prof. Je is in understanding the mechanism of defect formation during single crystal growth such as SiC, based on using phase contrast imaging combined with X-ray topography.

In addition he is working on fabrication of stretchable organic nanowire arrays. Specifically stretchable nano-devices for energy storage, photon-switch, gas sensor, photonic waveguide, etc. are investigated.

Major Publications

  • “Size limits the formation of liquid jets during bubble bursting”, Ji San Lee, Byung Mook Weon, Su Ji Park, Jung Ho Je, Kamel Fezzaa, and Wah-Keat Lee, Nature Communications. 2 (2011) 367.
  • “Colloid coalescence with focused x rays”, B. M. Weon, J. T. Kim, J. H. Je, J. M. Yi, S. Wang, and W.-K. Lee, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 (2011) 018301.
  • “Altered braching patterns of Purkinje cells in mouse model for cortical development disorder”, J. Kim, N. Kwon, S. Chang, K.-T. Kim, D. Lee, S. Kim, S. J. Yun,  D. Hwang, J. W. Kim, Y. Hwu, G. Margaritondo, J.H. Je, and I.J. Rhyu, Scientific Reports 1 (2011) 122.
  • “Decreased Surface Tension of Water by Hard-X-Ray Irradiation”, B. M. Weon, J. H. Je, Y. Hwu, and G. Margaritondo, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100 (2008) 217403.
  • “Electrochemistry : Building on bubbles in metal electrodeposition”, W.L. Tsai, P.C. Hsu, Y. Hwu, C.H. Chen, L.W. Chang, J.H. Je, H.M. Lin, A. Groso, G. Margaritondo, Nature 417 (2002) 139.
  • “Bright-field imaging of lattice distortions using x rays ”, J. M. Yi, J. H. Je, Y. S. Chu, Y. Zhong, G. Margaritondo, Appl. Phys. Lett. 89 (2006) 074103. (Cover page)
  • “Three-Dimensional Writing of Conducting Polymer Nanowire Arrays by Meniscus-Guided Polymerization”, J. T. Kim, S.K. Seol, J. Pyo, J.S. Lee, J.H. Je, and G. Margaritondo, Advanced Materials 23 (2011) 1968 [Inside front cover].

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