Dr Karlis Gross

Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineeri

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne
PH: 61 (3) 83446748
Fax: 61 (3) 93478784
Email: [email protected]


Production, characterisation and metallography of thermally sprayed coatings. Particular emphasis on biomedical materials produced by thermal spraying. A study of material behaviour in the human body that will lead to an effective design to optimise tissue response.

Major Qualifications

Ph D (Materials Science and Engineering.) 1996

M Eng Sci (Enginering) 1991

B Eng 1987

GCHE (Education) 2000

Major Publications

1. Gross KA and Kovalevskis A. J Thermal Spray Technology 5(4) 469-75, 1996.

2. Gross KA et al. In vitro changes of hydroxyapatite coatings. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 12(5) 589-597, 1997.

3. Gross KA et al., Formation of the amorphous phase in hydroxyapatite coatings. J Biomed Mater Res, 39(3) 407-414, 1998.

4. Gross KA et al., Variability of hydroxyapatite coated dental implants. Int J Oral and Maxillofac Implants 13(5), 601-610, 1998.

5. Sun L, Berndt CC, Kucuk A, Gross KA. Review - Material fundamentals and clinical performance of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings. A Appl Biomaterials, 2001.

Professional Institution Membership

Thermal Spray Society (and committee member)

American Materials Society

Institute of Metals and Materials, Australasia

Australasia Society for Biomaterials

International Review Board for the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

Significant Employment History

Riga Technical University 91-92

Technical university of Aachen, Germany 1991

SUNY at Stony Brook, USA 1992-95

Tampere Uni of Technol, Finland, 1996

University of Limoges, France, 1996

University of Technology, Sydney 1997-1998

Monash University, 1998-present

Services Offered

Teaching short courses in thermal spraying (theory, metallography, mechanical testing, spraying) Consulting particularly on biomedical materials

Commercial Details

Fee Charging structure and rates

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Availability and preferred contact route

e-mail would be the best choice of inquiry

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