Prof Michael Wilson

Dean, College of Science, Technol. and Environment

University of Western Sydney

Building H4, Hawkesbury Campus, Locked Bag 1797
South Penrith Distribution Centre
PH: 61 (2) 45701210
Fax: 61 (2) 45701403
Email: [email protected]


I have over 30 years of research and teaching in Environmental Chemistry especially Organic Geochemistry. I am also extensively working in the areas of nanotechnology, new methods of illicit drug analysis, detection technology in nuclear magnetic resonance and laser ablation mass spectroscopy and new understanding of soil and other geological organic matter

Major Qualifications

D. Sc. Chemistry (Uni. of Auckland) 1988

Ph. D. Chemistry (Uni. of Auckland) 1974

M. Sc.(Hons) (Uni. of Auckland) 1970

B. Sc. (Uni. of Auckland) 1969

Major Publications

1. Lee G.S.H., Brinch K. and Wilson M.A., "Forensic Characterisation of Condoms using 13C NMR Spectroscopy", J. Forensic Sciences, 46, 40-53 (2001).

2. Wilson M.A., Moy A., Rose H., Kanningara K., Young B.R., McCulloch D.G. and Cockayne D.J.H. "Fullerene Blacks and Cathode Deposits Derived from Plasma Arcing of Graphite with Naphthalene. Fuel, 59, 47-56 (2000).

3. Lee G.S.H., Taylor R., Dawson M., and Wilson M.A. "Differences in Solid State NMR Spectra of Some Amphetamines and Related Compounds", Solid State NMR 16, 225-238 (2000)

4. Marshall C.P., Rose H.R., Lee G.S.H., Mar G.L. and Wilson M.A., "Structure of Organic Matter in Conodonts with Different Colour Alteration Indexes", Organic Geochemistry, 30, 1339-1352 (1999).

5. Wilson M.A., Farquharson G.J., Tippett J.M., Quezada R.A. and Armstrong, "Humic Substances. Aluminophilicity of the Humic degradation Product 5-Hydroxybenzene-1,3-Dicarboxylic Acid", Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 37, 2410-2415 (1998).

Professional Institution Membership



Significant Employment History

Professor of Chemistry (1996-present)

University of Technology, Sydney R and D Manager (1992-1995)

CSIRO Petroleum Chief Research Scientist (1990-1992)

Services Offered

Materials consulting services

Commercial Details

Fee Charging structure and rates

To be negotiated between client and UTS.


Availability and preferred contact route

Please contact by e-mail

Current availability status


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