Dr Andrew Smith

Technical & Research Manager

CERAM Research - Building Technology

Queens Road
Penkhull, Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (1782) 746476
Fax: 44 (1782) 412331
Email: [email protected]


My main areas of expertise are:

  • Raw material assessment
  • Manufacture and firing optimisation in the heavy clay sector (including bricks, tiles, pavers etc)

In addition I am a trained Industrial Minerals Geologist with a specialising in construction raw materials and their suitability in concrete and mortars.

I currently sit on a number of national technical committees in the UK for both Industry and Government, and have been chairman of the CERAM Building Technology Research Committee. I also offer Forensic Science expertise for the UK Police Forces in Construction Materials and Soils/Geological Materials.

Major Qualifications

Ph.D. The role of quartz bearing aggregates in the Alkali-Silica Reaction in concrete.

M.Sc. Industrial Mineralogy

B.Sc. Jt Hons Geology & Physical Geography

Major Publications

1. 2002 Optimizing Firing Through TTT Analysis A.S.Smith. Brick and Clay Record (Special Suppliment to Ceramic Industry). USA Jan 2002.

2. 2002 Brick Making: the ultimate waste repository. A.S.Smith. Industrial Minerals and Extractive Industry Geology. Geological Society of London Special Publication. May 2002

3. 1999 Lime Mortars - Look before you leap. A.S. Smith. Brick Bulletin. Technical Notes. Summer 1999, pp. 29-31.

4. 1999 Durability of Mortars A.S. Smith. 6th Conference & Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society. Brighton UK. Vol 2 pp. 371-372

Professional Institution Membership

Fellow Geological Society of London
Affiliate Member of the Institute of Materials London
Member of the Institute of Clay Technology

Significant Employment History

2002- Technical & Research Manager at CERAM Building Technology
1997-2002 Head of Research & Technical Development at Hanson Bricks Europe
1989-1997 Analytical Consultancy Manager and Demonstrator in Industrial Minerals at Leicester University

Services Offered

My background and skill base allows me to offer a broad service in raw material evaluation and troubleshooting, manufacturing and firing optermisation for heavy clay products (bricks, tiles, pavers etc). In addition I am also able to offer advice in raw materials and performance of construction materials in general and more specifically in concretes and mortars, both OPC and Hydraulic Lime based. I also offer Forensic Analysis and Expert Witness services for construction materials and soils/geological materials.

Commercial Details

Fee Charging structure and rates

I am more than willing to answer short questions (typically less than 10 minutes). For more involved answers the fees will be in line with current CERAM charge scales. I will be able to give a better idea of cost once I have seen the question.


Availability and preferred contact route

I can be contacted via email, phone or fax. I would hope to be able to reply, initially, within 24-48 hours depending upon current workload.

Current availability status


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