Adhesives and Sealants News


BASF To Introduce Oppanol Thermoplastic Elastomer at K 04

Eastman Chemical Complete Divestiture of Coatings, Adhesives, Specialty Polymers and Inks Businesses

New Generation of Adhesives and Sealants Derived From Soybeans and Other Renewable Materials

BASF Extends Its Leading Position In The Worldwide Polyisobutene Sector

20 Micron Thick Wafer Possible with Ultrathin Semiconductor Wafer Backgrinding System from 3M

3M Introduces New System for Ultrathin Wafer Backgrinding

A Look into Bayer's Involvement in Nanotechnology

Borden Chemicals to be Acquired by Apollo Management

CERAM Help Tile Industry to Reclassify Products in Line with EU Standards

Rohm & Haas To Create a Unique Family of High Performance Acrylic Polymers and Copolymers