Dow Introduces Next Generation Quenchants at ASM Heat Treating Exhibition

The UCON™ Fluids & Lubricants business of The Dow Chemical Company is introducing the next generation of quenchant products for the heat treating industry during the ASM Heat Treating Conference and Exhibition 2007 in Detroit, Michigan. These new products are available in North America from Dow’s exclusive quenchant distributor, Tenaxol Technologies, Inc., and will be launched globally in the near future.

The new polymer-based products were formulated without nitrites and provide superior corrosion protection and bacteria resistance. The UCON™ ULTRAQUENCH™ Plus Series Quenchants are non-flammable, aqueous polymer solutions that contain a non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor package. This package protects metals during high-temperature manufacturing, making this line of quenchants ideal for processing medium-high carbon steel and alloyed steel of most grades. The first ULTRAQUENCH™ product introduced to the market will be UCON™ ULTRAQUENCH™ RL Plus. “Manufacturers will be able to quench even 300 and 400 series stainless steel using the first product in the line, UCON™ ULTRAQUENCH™ RL Plus,” said Pete Pendergast, global marketing manager for UCON™ Fluids and Lubricants and Low Temperature Thermal Fluids. “The new quenchant line will also be good for induction hardening in spray and immersion quenching,” Pendergast said.

UCON™ ULTRAQUENCH™ RL Plus outperforms other, similar materials including water, PVA, and soluble oils. The UCON™ ULTRAQUENCH™ Plus Series cuts down on emissions during the manufacturing process. The products do not produce smoke, soot, or any other waste products related to oxidation.

Reduction in soot and smoke is beneficial to those who must work in close proximity to these processes and it also helps support Dow’s 2015 Sustainability Goals. These goals represent critical milestones in Dow’s continuing transformation and leadership in the area of sustainability. Reducing emissions for metal manufacturers is just one of the steps the Company is taking to achieve its goals.

“All of our new quenchants are compatible with previously installed UCON™ quenchants,” Pendergast added. “That is part of the benefit of working with Dow and Tenaxol. With years of experience and a detailed knowledge of the chemistry involved in formulating these types of products, it makes the lives of the people using them easier.”

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