Dow Introduces a New Grade of Chlorinated Polyethylene, TYRIN EXT 1000

The Dow Chemical Company today introduced TYRIN™ EXT 1000 Chlorinated Polyethylene (CM), a highly extendable material that helps to deliver a balance of cost savings and performance, making it a cost-effective alternative to other elastomer systems in a wide range of demanding applications.

TYRIN EXT 1000 CM is designed to accept higher levels of filler and oil than traditional CM grades, while maintaining excellent physical properties. The higher levels result in lower overall compound costs.

“In today’s manufacturing environment, escalating raw material costs are a fact of life,” said Kang Ho-Sung, product manager for TYRIN Chlorinated Polyethylene. “TYRIN EXT 1000 was developed to help provide alternatives to rising compound costs without sacrificing performance in applications including automotive hoses and ducts, industrial hoses, wire and cable jacketing, and other technical rubber goods.”

TYRIN EXT 1000 retains the well-known benefits of CM including a balance of heat and oil resistance; chemical resistance; ozone and ultraviolet resistance; and good compression set and toughness.

The structure of TYRIN EXT 1000 allows it to be effectively crosslinked using any of the three cure systems typically used for chlorinated polyethylene – peroxide, thiadiazole derivative and radiation. In addition, new cure technology developed at Dow offers improvements over traditional thiadiazole cure technology. The cure system improvement makes thiadiazole-cured TYRIN CM an excellent alternative to sulfur-cured elastomers such as polychloroprene or chlorosulfonated polyethylene.

“TYRIN EXT 1000 complements Dow’s family of polyolefin elastomers and plastomers and synthetic rubber,” said Kang. “This latest example of Dow’s product innovation joins recognized high-performance specialty plastics and elastomers as well as NORDEL™ IP and NORDEL MG Hydrocarbon Rubber. Developed using unmatched material science expertise and capabilities, these materials exemplify Dow’s excellent products, processes and innovation for the rubber and plastics industries.”

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