Single-Crystal Piezoelectric Material with Superior Dielectric and Electro-Mechanical Properties from Morgan Electro Ceramics

Morgan Electro Ceramics (MEC), a leading manufacturer of electro ceramic products, including high voltage and RF capacitors and microwave and piezoelectric ceramics, offers the PMNT-28 family of single crystal piezoelectric material. PMNT-28 was formulated to exhibit the superior dielectric and electro-mechanical properties required by the most demanding high power sonar projector, medical imaging and actuator applications.

The increased coupling and displacement of the PMNT-28 single crystal material results in improved bandwidth, sensitivity and source level. The significantly higher efficiency provides opportunities for increased performance and miniaturization. MEC’s high temperature crystal growth process produces boules with larger diameters to support diagnostic medical applications, including echocardiography and abdominal scanning

For transducer applications, the PMNT-28 provides a 20% improvement of keff compared to conventional polycrystalline PZT (>0.90 versus 0.75), a 45% improvement of efficiency (0.82 versus 0.56), and a 66% improvement of bandwidth (115% versus 43.2%).

In actuator applications, the single crystal PMNT-28 exhibits a maximum strain percentage of approximately 0.6%, three times the approximately 0.18% value of conventional polycrystalline PZT.

PMNT-28 was developed at the MEC facility in Bedford, OH, where it continues to be manufactured. MEC Ohio currently has the capability to grow boules up to 83 mm diameter, enabling the manufacturing of finished elements with lateral dimensions up to 2.36” (60 mm). Standard electrodes are sputtered with thin film nichrome/gold.

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