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Toshiba Moves into Power Generation with Two New Power Stations

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has started commercial operation of two electricity and steam co-generation plants at Keihin Product Operations in Yokohama, Japan. Each plant features a gas-engine generator with a generating capacity of 5,750kW of electricity. Half the 11,500kW output will go to power Keihin and its manufacturing operation, with the other half directed to the retail market.

Japan started to deregulate its power generating industry in 2002, prompting Toshiba to revise its articles of association and enter the business. The company is a world-leading supplier of power plant and their control systems, able to offer customer complete turn-key systems, up to and including plant management and operation. The new plants showcase skills that Toshiba will bring to collaborations with selected partners in Japan, as the company cultivates a business that is expected to produce a stable profit stream in coming years.

A celebratory ceremony at Keihin Product Operations today marked the successful commissioning of the plants and the start of their commercial operation. The project was handled by Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation, a leader in power plant engineering and construction. Making full use of infrastructure already installed at Keihin, and its own time-proven expertise, the company brought development and construction of the plants to a successful, cost-efficient conclusion only 13 months after starting the initial design phase in February 2003.

Two gas engines installed at Keihin are fueled by liquid natural gas, and are technically similar to the engines of large, ocean-going vessels. Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) collects high temperature exhaust gas from the engines and use it to generate steam. With an output of 2 tons of steam an hour, the plants will supply approximately 40% of the steam currently required in plant operations. The high level efficiency of the power generation systems also assure eco-friendly operation, including an integrated De-NOx system. As a result, the plants meet the stringent environmental laws and regulations of the Tokyo Bay area and output less than 20ppm of NOx.

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