New Look Periodic Table from Goodfellow

At the end of 2006, Goodfellow commissioned the production of a 3-dimensional display of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Each element is encapsulated in a cube of PMMA, and each cube is engraved with the details of the element that it contains (atomic symbol, number and name). Finally, the cubes are arranged in the familiar grid of the Periodic Table, and the grid is supported in an oak frame and illuminated from below.

The more reactive elements are ampouled under argon or mineral oil to protect and preserve their appearance. Any health and safety issues related to the corrosive or toxic materials are addressed by encasing the elements in a block of PMMA. Encapsulating the elements in this manner also greatly reduces the chance of deterioration.

The display is now proudly exhibited in the reception area of Goodfellow's UK headquarters.

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