Bruker AXS Introduces New X-Ray Diffraction for Materials Research and Nanostructure Applications

Bruker AXS Inc., an operating company of Bruker BioSciences Corporation, has introduced a new series of X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems for materials research applications, named SuperSpeedSolutions. Two novel technologies, the high-power Turbo-X-ray Source(TM) and the high-speed 1-dimensional VANTEC-1(TM) detector based on brand new MikroGap(TM )technology, now enable X-ray diffraction to go beyond current limitations in terms of sensitivity and speed.

The new Turbo-X-ray Source has been developed at Bruker AXS' new Yokohama R&D center which originated from the acquisition of MAC Science in 2002. The Turbo-X-ray Source has up to 18kW power and is fully integrated into the D8 platform, just like similar sealed tubes in conventional XRD systems. The Turbo X-ray Source shows outstanding sensitivity compared with other systems in the market. In combination with the new VANTEC-1 detector, or with the existing HISTAR(TM) detection system, it enables researchers to perform time-resolved X-ray diffraction experiments with milliseconds time resolution. The new SuperSpeedSolutions concept also includes Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) systems for nanostructure analysis, by combining the recently launched NANOSTAR(TM) with the new Turbo-X-ray Source.

Dr. Frank Burgazy, Bruker AXS GmbH Managing Director and Global Business Unit Manager Materials Research, stated: "This is a major step forward in applying new X-ray technologies in the materials research market. In this three-continent project, our R&D teams in Madison, WI/USA, Karlsruhe/Germany and Yokohama/Japan have been working closely together, and the final outcome has even surpassed our highest expectations. We are proud that we can now offer the fastest and most sensitive X-ray laboratory diffraction system in the market which is as easy to operate as any conventional system. Our customers can now tackle new applications in materials research, and perform better and faster analyses on their current research targets."

Dr. Lutz Brugemann, Marketing Manager for Materials Research, commented: "After demonstrating the outstanding analytical capabilities and the smart integration of our new SuperSpeedSolutions, we have so far received extremely positive feedback from our customers. Serving the entire materials research market from cutting-edge science to high-throughput industrial analysis, our SuperSpeedSolutions will extend our strong market position, and will also open new opportunities in market segments which were formerly not addressed by XRD. We are planning to ship first systems in the second quarter of 2004."

Roger Durst, Ph.D., Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer, added: "These exciting new products resulted from years of focused research by our global development team. We have married two powerful new technologies: our compact, high-intensity Turbo-X-ray Source delivers up to an order of magnitude more flux than conventional tubes while our breakthrough MikroGap detector technology features unprecedented quantum efficiency and counting rate performance. Together these tools allow existing experiments to be dramatically accelerated and also open up entirely new classes of time-resolved applications."

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