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BASF's Reinforced PBT/ASA Polymer Blend Found in New Mercedes

The cover at the top center and the two so-called diffuse fields located on the left and right in the dashboard of the latest Mercedes-Benz C-class models are made of Ultradur® S4090 GX black, a BASF PBT/ASA blend reinforced with 14% glass fibers.

Ventilation covers Mercedes C class, made of Ultradur®.

These three parts have a very filigree surface, namely, a rib-mesh metal imitation with open perforations. They function as covers for the diffuse ventilation of the front windshield and of the vehicle interior and are injection-molded by REUM GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG, a company headquartered in Hardheim, Germany. The complex molds for serial production are built by REUM itself. Ultradur S4090 GX is highly dimensional stable under heat since it has to withstand the high temperatures to which dashboards are exposed.

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