Clear Optical Grade Safety Shielding with 250 Times More Impact Resistance than Glass from Dotmar

Clear optical grade safety shielding with impact resistance 250 times that of glass of equivalent thickness is being offered by thermoplastics engineering specialist Dotmar EPP as a high-performance alternative to metal shielding. Transparent polycarbonate Safeguard PC – the same type of material used in bullet-resistant laminates in banks - is cut to shape by Dotmar to function as a rugged see-through protection alternative heavier and less easily fabricated materials.

Applications include architectural glazing, acoustic enclosures, electrical instrument and switchboard enclosures, engineering machine surrounds, process machine guards and as protective panels in general manufacturing and industrial applications,

The Safeguard PC range – which is one seventh the weight of steel and half that of glass – is easy to handle and easy to fabricate to almost any shape, says Dotmar EPP General Manager, Sales, Mr Scott Foster.

All Safeguard PC products can be effectively machined using standard metal and woodworking equipment, with best results from carbide tipped tools. The Safeguards PC range includes:

  • Safeguard general purpose polycarbonate sheet, rod and tube for high performance engineering applications that require clarity and high impact resistance. With light transmission ranging from 82 to 90 per cent depending on thickness, this virtually unbreakable material is 30 times stronger than acrylic
  • Safeguard UVX. Manufactured with UV protective coatings on both sides, Safeguard UVX offers excellent weathering properties, while maintaining high clarity and impact resistance.
  • Safeguard Hard. Manufactured with a hard coat surface on both sides, Safeguard Hard provides excellent scratch, chemical and graffiti resistance.

The Safeguard range is OHS compliant, non toxic and thermally stable, being scarcely influenced by sudden changes in temperature and humidity, having a continuous service temperature range of -60 to +130 deg C.

High electrical insulation properties make it highly suitable for use in parts of electrical instruments, switchboards and equipment where insulation, shock resistance and transparency are needed.

All Safeguard PC products have excellent flame retardant properties and are generally classified as “self extinguishing”. All Safeguard PC products do not generate poisonous gases when exposed to fire.

Safeguard’s sound deadening properties are comparable to plate glass says Mr Foster, and its non-toxicity makes it suitable in food and medical applications.
“The material’s terrific qualities result from the fact that polycarbonates are polymers with functional groups linked together by carbonate groups (-O-CO-O-) in a long molecular chain. The structure gives the material its toughness, optical clarity, ability to be bent, drilled and cut with a saw – all whilst retaining Safeguards unique properties.
“As a premium member of the polycarbonate family, Safeguard PC is among the strongest and safest rigid see-through material available to safety conscious managers, machine builders and OH&S safety teams.

It maintains its high impact strength even after long outdoor periods and is practically indestructible in applications including.

  • Guards on machines, including see-through protective covers on cutting machines and hazardous processes, from metalworking to chemical treatments
  • See-through doors and hatches in industrial, commercial, laboratory and in construction where clear access visibility is an issue
  • Security windows on banks, detention centers and vehicles and installations where security is required from those inside or outside
  • Rugged commercial and municipal structures, ranging from bus shelters to security centres
  • Anything where see-through protection is required

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