BASF Release Easy to Inflate Plastics Showing Wide Range of Applications

Recent tests have demonstrated that Styrolux® 3G46, a highly transparent SBC plastic grade that BASF launched onto the market just in 2006, lends itself very well for blow molding (SBC: styrene butadiene block copolymer).

In comparison to established transparent materials used for this method such as PVC, PET G or PC, Styrolux is 30 percent lighter in weight and easier to process by extrusion blow molding (EBM) as well as by injection blow molding (IBM). Thus, a wide array of different types of transparent hollow objects such as storage containers and decorative vessels, sports drink bottles and dispensers can be manufactured cost-effectively.

Transparent, lightweight and tough
Styrolux, a plastic that so far has been used primarily in extrusion and injection molding, can be processed on all customary blow molding systems. The processing temperatures are lower and the cycle times are shorter in comparison to the conventional materials. The material does not have to be pre-dried, thereby saving even more costs. Moreover, it has an interesting combination of mechanical and optical properties: High impact resistance and breaking strength, along with high transparency and exceptional gloss, make this plastic a very economical alternative to create attractive bottles with integrated handles. The material can easily be dyed, printed, glued and welded. In addition to Styrolux 3G46, another suitable product for blow molding is Styrolux 684D.

Posted April 9th,2008

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