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BOC Extensive Experience Vital to New Carbon Capture and Storage Technology Project

BOC’s extensive experience in the handling and storage of carbon dioxide is making it a key partner in a number of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) projects, including a proposal for the first power station in the UK equipped with CCS technology. BOC, a major supplier of industrial gas technology, is a member of the Linde Group which is involved in projects across the globe to mitigate the impact of climate change.

The UK government has recognised the importance of CCS technologies as a way to reduce carbon emissions in a world still dependent on fossil fuels for power generation. In November 2007 it announced a competition in which the winning industrial scheme will receive substantial funding to complete the world’s first commercial scale project to capture carbon dioxide from a coal-fired power station and store it geologically offshore.

BOC’s expertise lies in the purification, compression, cryogenic conditioning and transport of carbon dioxide. BOC is working with a consortium of leading international companies led by RWE npower to develop a flexible solution which will enable CCS to be applied to a potential new coal-fired power station in Tilbury. Proposals have been submitted as part of the Government competition.

“The need to solve the challenge of reducing emissions while still using fossil fuels – at least in the short to medium term – is becoming increasingly urgent,” comments Mike Huggon, head of the regional business unit, UK and Ireland. “Carbon Capture & Storage offers enormous potential in this regard and governments around the world are keen to develop this technology. At BOC, we have many years experience in handling and storing gases – including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. We are pleased that the UK government has shown its commitment to solving this problem and BOC is ready to play its full part in making Carbon Capture & Storage a commercial reality.”

Posted April 9th,2008

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