Dow's High Performance Polyurethane Technology Incorporated into Carpets

Carpet in a hospitality setting is one of the building’s most important design elements. Besides adding to the overall style of the space, it can also add to the comfort of guests and the bottom line of facility owners. And it’s not just the face of the carpet that makes a difference. The addition of a high-performance, attached polyurethane backing made with Dow technology offers substantial benefits for demanding hospitality environments.

Dow polyurethane backing technology is designed to improve the overall performance of commercial carpet, including appearance retention, durability and ergonomics. Carpet simply looks better longer when installed with a firm polyurethane cushion. Ultimately, a lasting carpet means less expense for facility owners – not only in replacement costs, but also in loss of revenue during the replacement process.


The unique molecular structure of Dow polyurethane technology allows the carpet and backing to absorb the pounding motion of foot traffic and support the heavy weight of furniture, without bottoming out. This may be especially important for areas like lobbies, ballrooms, dining rooms and fitness centers – anywhere with walking traffic and heavy or often rearranged furniture. High traffic areas can also make carpet pill and fuzz – a problem that is significantly reduced by the strong tuft bind characteristics of backing made with Dow polyurethane technology. Thanks to its adhesion to carpet yarn, polyurethane helps maintain tuft bind for the life of the carpet. This strong tuft bind minimizes edge ravel and disfiguring snags and pulls, even under intensive use situations including rolling traffic such as luggage racks and food carts.

Moisture Resistance

To further extend the carpet’s appearance, Dow polyurethane carpet backing technology includes a functional liquid barrier. When carpet is backed with Dow polyurethane technology, polymers containing hydrophobic segments impede liquid and dirt from penetrating the subfloor, thereby reducing the occurrence of wick back staining and odors. Plus it allows for aggressive maintenance programs including hot water extraction. This functional liquid barrier is particularly beneficial in hospitality settings, where food and drink spills are constant concerns.


The addition of a cushioned backing made with Dow polyurethane technology can significantly improve the comfort of guests. Its absorption qualities reduce heel-strike force and leg muscle response – two main causes of standing and walking fatigue. In hospitality environments, travelers with tired feet welcome a more comfortable carpet. Plus it’s a benefit to employees who may be standing for long periods of time.

A perfect example of design innovation mixed with comfort is the one-of-a-kind Find Your Flavor Suite at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. This suite with six unique, Absolut vodka-inspired rooms features Milliken custom carpet tiles, with the added cushion of Comfort Plus® backing, made with Dow polyurethane technology. To make sure guests were not only impressed by the carpet’s beauty, but also by its comfort, the Rockwell Group selected a cushioned polyurethane backing system. “We wanted the carpet to feel good underfoot – not industrial,” explained Christian Arkay-Leliever, product design director for Rockwell Group, the firm that designed and constructed the Find Your Flavor Suite. “Plus we knew that if this carpet and backing could stand up so well in heavy use corporate environments, it would exceed the standards for our hospitality needs.”

This comfort underfoot is even more important in casinos, where it can significantly affect revenue. “Providing a cushioned polyurethane backing offers greater comfort underfoot to casino players, which encourages them to stay and play longer,” said Lee Gollhardt, market manager for Milliken Hospitality Carpets’ gaming/assembly/cruise ship business. “Players’ increased time inside a casino translates to increased revenue.”

Noise Reduction

Cushioned backing made with Dow polyurethane technology also serves as an effective noise reducer, helping create a quieter environment. It minimizes the sound of foot traffic, absorbs airborne noise and reduces sound transmission to surrounding rooms. In noisy public spaces, for example, this can have a major impact on the peace of nearby guests.

Whether it’s a large Las Vegas casino or a small boutique hotel, Dow polyurethane technology helps create a carpet that meets designers’ demands for style, owners’ needs for durability and guests’ desires for comfort.

Posted May 2nd,2008

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