New Stainless Steel Publications from ISSF

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has published four new brochures during its twelfth Annual Conference (ISSF-12) in Paris, France. The brochures are:

Stainless Steel in Solar Energy Use

This brochure details current best practice and stainless steel solutions to harness the energy of the sun. It provides designers with information about current stainless steel options for solar energy capture and an overview of the technical properties of stainless steel.

During 2008 two case studies on Solar Energy Use will be published. The first will be released at the beginning of June and is titled: The stainless steel solar façade of a highway maintenance building at Bursins, Switzerland. In September the second, A stainless steel-based solar solution in a photovoltaic application will be released.

The Ferritic Solution – A continuing success story

Ferritic stainless steels share most of the mechanical and corrosion-resistance properties of their more expensive cousins, austenitic stainless steels. However, unlike the austenitics, ferritic stainless steels contain no nickel. This makes them a cost-effective alternative in many applications.

Since the release of The Ferritic Solution in May 2007, the brochure has been translated into many languages. All language versions are available from the website. Now, an explanatory video has also been added. The video provides an overview of the properties of ferritic stainless steels.

Stainless Steel Rebar

Over the last three decades, premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structures has become a serious problem worldwide due to corrosion of the embedded steel. The estimated cost of repair is in excess of US$550 billion.

Unlike conventional steel rebar, stainless steel rebar does not corrode and is an ideal solution for harsh environments. To illustrate this application, ISSF has produced an animation on stainless steel reinforcing bar, followed by a leaflet which is available in English, Spanish and Italian. A series of advertisements will also be published soon.

Annual Review 2008

ISSF Annual Review contains an overview of the work of the Forum in the past year. This year the theme of the publication is Global facts for local use.

Posted May 20th,2008

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