New System Produces Aerosols as Well as Classifying and Monitoring Them

A new multi-function system available from Copley Scientific enables the generation of highly monodisperse aerosols and is equipped with both classification and monitoring capabilities. Applications for the user-friendly Model 1500 Aerosol Generator and Monitor (AGM™) include: NIST-traceable standardization and calibration of aerosol instruments for quality assurance purposes, filter characterization, measuring transmission loss of particles in tubes, diesel exhaust monitoring, and fundamental aerosol and nano-particle research.

Developed by MSP Corporation, the fully automated Model 1500 AGM comprises a high stability atomizer aerosol generator, a wide-range and high-resolution differential mobility analyzer (DMA), and a patented dual reservoir condensation particle counter (CPC). Output aerosol concentration is monitored continuously by the CPC, assuring a stable aerosol of known particle size and concentration, from 10 nm to 1000 nm. The system is factory-calibrated using NIST-traceable microspheres, assuring its use for routine standardizations.

The DMA and CPC also function as a differential mobility or a scanning mobility spectrometer to measure the size distributions of aerosols generated either by the Model 1500 AGM or from an external source. Two instruments together can be used in aerosol studies to carry out tandem differential mobility analysis (TDMA) studies.

The Model 1500 AGM is controlled by a single-board computer, providing automatic feedback control of all major operating parameters.

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