Gentle Skin Adhesive Suited to Medical Devices, Scar Therapies and Wound Dressings

Dow Corning® MG7-9850 Soft Skin Adhesive offers gentle adhesion for medical devices, scar therapies, wound dressings and over-the-counter bandages. It also provides longer, more durable wear compared to previous soft skin adhesive (SSA) products.

Until now, it has been difficult to achieve gentle adhesion coupled with extended wear time. Many pressure sensitive adhesives used in medical or pharmaceutical applications adhere aggressively to skin. The new SSA technology provides an adhesive with limited skin-stripping behavior during removal, while doubling its adhesive property compared to the earlier generation of adhesive.

For compromised skin, Dow Corning MG 7-9850 offers a broader range of treatment solutions. It can be used on damaged skin as well as in geriatric or pediatric applications. Because of its higher adhesion levels, it can be suitable for dressing mobile and complex body areas so patients may require fewer dressing changes.

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