Rikentechnos Capture 50% of Japan's Decorative Laminate Film Market

RIKENTECHNOS, the world’s first manufacturer and largest supplier of copolyester calendered sheet, has secured a 50% share of Japan’s decorative laminate film market with Eastman Chemical Company’s Cadence™ resins for calendered films. Utilizing Cadence to produce Rivestar, an environmentally-friendly and highly versatile decorative sheet, RIKEN provides unique solutions for new applications such as kitchen and bathroom walls, high-speed train interiors, outdoor films, furniture, and floor coverings.

Key to Rivestar’s successful acceptance by environmentally-conscious Japanese companies is that the material does not damage incinerators and burns cleanly, leaving only water and carbon dioxide residues. In addition, designers and brand owners will maintain or build their socially-responsible status as Eastman’s Cadence resin is a ‘GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®’ low chemical and VOC emitting product, approved by the U.S. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

“Sustainable materials like Rivestar are gaining significant momentum in the global industry,” said Shinichiro Tsushima, General Manager of Film Planning and Management Dept, Film Division, RIKENTECHNOS. “As companies are becoming more conscious of their role in preserving the environment, the sustainable features of Eastman’s copolyester resins have enabled us to meet design needs for uniquely-engineered, environmentally-responsible laminate sheets. Our long-standing relationship with Eastman has thus allowed us to continually remain at the forefront of industry trends, both aesthetically and technologically.”

Rivestar calendered film features excellent clarity, a remarkably glossy surface and easy printing of intense colors that allow RIKENTECHNOS customers to create striking designs. For matte surfaces, the sheet’s superior flexibility allows easy calendaring even for complicated wood grain patterns. The finished product is also tough and highly scratch resistant so applications retain form and function for longer periods of time. In addition, Rivestar’s chemical-resistant property makes it compatible with a wide range of commercial adhesives for easy lamination onto materials such as wood, metal and glass.

Eastman’s halogen-free Cadence resin fits stringent requirements for the Rivestar film. A key benefit is its deep thermoformability without whitening, which simplifies and improves the co-extruding and calendering processes. Manufacturers and brand owners stand to benefit as the adaptable nature of this resin allows it to be used on existing calendering lines with minimal or no modifications.

“Over the past 10 years, Eastman’s collaboration with RIKENTECHNOS has blossomed into a very successful relationship,” said Taka Notoh, Asia Pacific commercial manager, Eastman Chemical Company. “We are excited at the positive growth of the copolyester decorative laminate industry, and are committed to providing global-standard technical support and market development expertise to all our key customers across the region.”

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