Crystal-IS Receive $750K to Fund Further AlN research

Crystal-IS have announced that they have received a years extension and further $750K in funding from DARPA for their Semiconductor Ultraviolet Optical Sources (SUVOS) and RF/Microwave/Millimetre-wave Technology.

Crystal-IS will focus on improving the qialty of their ultra-low dislocation density native aluminium nitride (AlN) substrates. These have the potential to enable critical advances in multiple III-nitride device technologies of strategic national interest in applications such as high-power RF transistors and high efficiency ultraviolet emitters. Such devices are of both military and commercial significance.

AlN substrates offering the following potential advantages over other competing materials:

  • Increased device performance and reliability
  • Customer specified orientation e.g. a-plane, m-plane and c-plane
  • Very low dislocation density (<1000 per cm2 leading to greater device yield and reliability
  • Excellent thermal expansion match to III-nitride device structures
  • Isomorphic and lattice matched to III-nitride device structures
  • Well defined cleavage planes
  • High thermal conductivity

For more information on aluminium nitride, click here.

May 4th, 2004

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