The Institute of Materials, Mineral and Mining Awards for 2004


Bessemer Gold Medal
For outstanding services to the steel industry, awarded to Professor R J Fruehan, US Steel Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Chapman Medal
For distinguished research in the field of biomedical materials, particularly with respect to biomaterials innovation which has produced benefits for patients and/or contributed to associated opportunities for industry, awarded to Professor L L Hench, Imperial College London.

Gold Medal
For a company, team or individual who has made a significant contribution to the industrial application of materials, awarded to personnel from Airbus UK, QinetiQ, Aeroform Ltd and M G Bennett Associates Ltd.

Griffith Medal and Prize
In recognition of distinguished work which has made or is making a notable contribution to any branch of materials science, awarded to Professor T W Clyne, University of Cambridge.

Medal for Excellence
For conspicuous contribution, either during the year or cumulatively over a number of years to the art, science and practice of the mining industry, awarded to Professor S S Peng, Coal and Energy Reserve Bureau, West Virginia University, USA.

Platinum Medal
In recognition of outstanding service to the Institute and to its objectives or for other outstanding contributions to materials science, technology and industry nationally or internationally, awarded to Dr E B Farmer, Scottish and Southern Energy.

Prince Philip Award for Polymers in the Service of Mankind
Awarded to VICTREX Research and Technology

Silver Medal
For Younger Members (normally under the age of 30) in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the broad field of materials science, engineering and technology including promotion of their subject on a national or international basis, awarded to Dr J Jones, Imperial College London.

Swinburne Award
To recognise the achievement of a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and knowledge of any field related to the science, engineering or technology of plastics. Awarded not more than once every two years, not less than once every five years. It is a requirement of acceptance that the recipient shall prepare and delivery the Swinburne Lecture on an occasion selected by the Institute. Awarded to Professor J M Courtney, University of Strathclyde.


Colclough Medal & Prize
In recognition of learned contribution to understanding the microstructure, mechanical properties , fabricability or in-service performance, production or engineering connected with the iron and steel industry, awarded to Dr M Gleave, Manager, Rolling and Control Engineering Departments, Corus RD&T.

Hadfield Medal & Prize
In recognition of distinguished achievement in relation to metallurgical practice, process development, product development, metallurgical understanding or design engineering connected with iron and steel or associated industries, awarded to Dr J Herbertson, Director, Skye Point Innovation, Australia.

Holland Award
In recognition of meritorious service in manufacture and technology within the traditional ceramics industry, awarded to Mr J T Green.

Hume Rothery Prize
In recognition of distinguished achievements concerned with phase relationship in metallic materials or non-metallic materials of metallurgical interest, awarded to Dr M H Rand, Winters Hill Consultancy.

Jenkins Award
In recognition of significant contribution which has enhanced the scientific, industrial or technological understanding of components produced from any type of material via particulate processing., awarded to Dr E Mosca, Fraunhofer Institut Betriebsfestigkeit.

Kroll Medal & Prize
In recognition of significant contribution which has enhanced the scientific understanding of materials chemistry as applied to the industrial production of materials, normally inorganic, awarded to Professor J Williamson, Imperial College London.

Netlon Award
For innovation in processing or use of polymeric materials. Awarded not more than once every two years, not less than once every five years. International, open to individuals, companies, partnerships, academic institutions or other bodies recognising a significant contribution to the advancement of science and technology of processing. Awarded to Professor I Ward FRS, University of Leeds.

Rosenhain Medal and Prize
In recognition of distinguished achievement in any branch of materials science, preference being given to candidates under the age of 40, awarded to Dr P Midgley, University of Cambridge.

Stokowiec Medal & Prize
In recognition of distinguished work related to the technical, manufacturing, processing or engineering application of alloy steels, awarded to Dr P Hart, Corrosion, Arcs and Surfacing, TWI.

T B Marsden Award
In recognition of services to the profession over a period of not less than 20 years by a member who has not been recognised by the Institute in other ways, awarded to Dr M A Hicks, Rolls Royce plc.

Thomas Medal & Prize
In recognition of scientific or technological contribution to the production or secondary processing of any ferrous alloy, awarded to Professor K Wunnenburg, Mannesmann Forschunginstitut.

Verulam Medal & Prize
In recognition of distinguished contributions to refractories or any other type of ceramic materials, awarded to Dr R Morrell, National Physical Laboratory.


Guy Bengough Award
For a paper published by the Institute which makes an outstanding contribution to the subject of corrosion and degradation off all types of materials and their control. Awarded to I S Cole, D A Paterson, and W D Ganther, CSIRO Australia, for the paper “Holistic Model for Atmospheric Corrosion: Part 1 – Theoretical Framework for Production, Transportation and Deposition of Marine Salts”, Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, Vol 38, No 2, pp129-134.

Composites Award
For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit in the field of composites. Awarded to A G Gibson, P N H Wright, and Y-S Wu, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, A P Mouritz, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, and Z Mathys and C P Gardiner, DSTO, Aeronautical & Maritime Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia, for the paper “Modelling residual mechanical properties of polymer composites after fire”, Plastics Rubber & Composites, Vol 32, No 2, pp81-90.

Alan Glanvill Award
For a paper published by the Institute of particular merit in the field of polymer. Awarded to A K Wood, Victrex plc, and R Rasid, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, for the paper “Effect of process variables on melt velocity profiles in extrusion process using single screw plastics extruder”, Plastics Rubber & Composites, Vol.32, no 5, p193.

Douglas Hay Award
For the best paper published in Transactions A: Mineral Technology. Awarded to A Williams, Cleveland Potash Ltd and F A Auld, A Auld Associates for the paper “Boulby mine shaft lining design: second restoration”, Mining Technology 2002, 111, A13-A27.

Overseas Award
For the member resident overseas for the best paper presented at an Institute symposium, or published in a mining journal or for notable contribution to development of the Institute overseas, awarded to P Hing, Nanyang Technological University.

Thornton Medal
To a speaker invited to present at either an Institute conference or other specially convened

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