SABIC Release High Performance Sheet for Enhancing Comfort and Ambiance in Aircraft

In an effort to improve the air travel experience for customers, designers are looking for new ways to enhance comfort and ambiance in aircraft cabins.

Boltaron Performance Products, LLC has collaborated with SABIC Innovative Plastics to create new aesthetic choices for Lexan* XHR6000 sheet, under the brand Boltaron 9915 FSTH¹ sheet. Because the sheet products are constructed using SABIC Innovative Plastics’ high-performance material, they are ideal for aircraft interior components that must comply with flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) requirements and the Ohio State University (OSU) 65/65 standard. Decorative effects and textures – such as metallic, wood-grain, pearlescent and carbon-look surfaces that are offered by Boltaron – complement the cost-effective, standard colors and textures of Lexan XHR6000 sheet available from SABIC Innovative Plastics.

“We understand that our aviation customers face multiple, often contradictory, pressures to increase safety, lower cost and improve their customers’ flying experience,” said Paul DiSciullo, industry manager, Transportation for Specialty Film & Sheet, SABIC Innovative Plastics. “Lexan XHR6000 sheet with Boltaron’s new product created new aesthetic choices for designers that addressed all of these needs. We recognize that designers are looking for colors and surface finishes that are difficult to produce using standard sheet extrusion. The Boltaron lamination process makes it possible to offer special finishes economically and in small batches. SABIC Innovative Plastics is committed to working closely with aviation industry customers and partners to provide unique and leading-edge solutions that enable their success.”

Dr. Dean Li, president, Boltaron Performance Products, LLC, noted, “As a result of this joint project, customers now have the freedom to create distinctive visual effects using a fully compliant thermoplastic sheet material, with a small minimum order size.”

Compliance with Current and Upcoming Standards

Because Lexan XHR6000 sheet is fully compliant with the OSU current standard as well as the upcoming 55/55 requirement, manufacturers can be prepared for the future of aircraft applications. The material also meets FST regulations. With full compliance in both areas, Lexan XHR6000 sheet spares manufacturers and suppliers the time-consuming process of obtaining waivers from OEMs and airlines for non-compliant materials.

Aircraft applications include seating, cockpit linings, windows surrounds, door shrouds, and other interior components, some of which are on display here at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas in SABIC Innovative Plastics’ stand #649. Boltaron Performance Products, LLC is also exhibiting at the show in stand #363.

Boltaron 9915 FSTH product will be sold globally and available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina through SABIC Polymershapes; in Europe through Boltaron’s distribution network.

Lexan XHR6000 sheet is available from SABIC Innovative Plastics or through its distributors.

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