High Tech Roof for Sports Stadium

The new home ground for the American Football (NFL) Houston Texans will feature a state-of-art 400,000 square foot Teflon(TM) coated fabric roof. The roof made from Ultralux(TM) (Saint Gobain Performance Plastics) will also be retractable.

When the stadium is covered, the roof will still transmit 25% of incident light, enough to allow grass to grow. When closed, it also creates an atmosphere similar to being outdoors.

Ultralux(TM) is a patented material consisting of fibreglass coated in Teflon(TM). The Teflon ensures that dirt, dust and other materials do not adhere to it, with rain often being sufficient to wash them off. This combined with UV resistance will ensure to roof continues to look new well into the future.

Posted May 2002

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