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CHEMAWARE Knowledge Platform Launched to Provide First Class Know-How in Industrial Surface Cleaning

SAFECHEM announces the launch of the CHEMAWARE™ knowledge platform aimed at providing know-how and raising awareness on the responsible and sustainable use of solvents for first class industrial surface cleaning.

The platform will help guide customers through the ever changing industry market requirements, providing answers and best practices for high quality industrial cleaning surfaces.

“The driving philosophy behind CHEMAWARE is to support companies in decision-making processes by providing professional advice. Furthermore it is a valuable tool to keep all interested stakeholders adequately informed about latest state-of-the-art technology,” Karl Stuetzle, General Manager, says.

“CHEMAWARE will help ensure that solvents are used safely and responsibly throughout their life cycle helping the cleaning industry in protecting their employees and the environment.”

The importance of the knowledge platform is highlighted by the results of a European Chlorinated Solvent Association market survey (2008) which revealed that nearly three quarters of European companies had yet to decide on their industrial surface cleaning technology.

Providing information across the board

This on-line know-how pool mainly serves industry users and the public in general. The SAFECHEM Service Alliance partners will participate in this initiative and contribute their specific know-how from their roles in the closed-loop solvent system supply chain.

Partners include The Dow Chemical Company, one of the major producers of solvents with extensive experience and know-how, the leading and responsible chemical distributors, the majority of technology leaders for regulatory-compliant cleaning equipment, and the experience from the close cooperation with waste management partners within the SAFECHEM closed loop business model.

CHEMAWARE offers training, services and consultancy to all solvent users, always keeping long-term sustainable use, economic considerations and ecological and social issues in mind.

Exemplary risk management and quality management expertise shared through CHEMAWARE will include amongst others research results, case studies of innovative, sustainable business concepts, education about product-specific risks, explanation of legal regulation and background about Environmental, Health and Safety issues.

Influencing a shift in value chain options.

CHEMAWARE also explains the new concept of chemical leasing – a complete shift in paradigm. Through this innovative system, companies can drastically increase their efficiency (up to 80% reduction in solvent use) while seeing emissions decrease.

Achieving this is possible as customers are charged per square meter of product cleaned or time used to clean the parts. Therefore, the supplier ‘leases’ the product and also sells a service, providing a win-win situation for all parties.

The CHEMAWARE knowledge platform can be accessed at and users wising to obtain more information or take advantage of our experts’ advice can the contact us.

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