New Grade of Polycarbonate with Superior Optical Properties for Automotive Applications

SABIC Innovative Plastics today introduced Lexan* ULG1003 112OQ sheet, a new, solid polycarbonate (PC) sheet that offers superior optical quality (OQ) for a range of automotive and transportation applications, including laminated and formed glazing for aircraft canopies, motorcycle windscreens and vehicle windows. This new high-performance material provides even greater optical quality than previously available materials and clearly underscores SABIC Innovative Plastics’ commitment to customers with an ever-broadening sheet product portfolio; the highest standards of quality; and unmatched global innovation.

“Our Lexan sheet products are the materials of choice for major automotive, transportation and armored glazing applications around the world,” said Darrell Hughes, general manager for SABIC Innovative Plastics, Specialty Film & Sheet. “We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ ever-changing needs for outstanding materials performance by continuously improving product quality, as evidenced by the exceptional optical performance of our new Lexan OQ sheet product.”

Highest Optical Quality for Laminates and Formed Parts

Building upon an established portfolio of Lexan ULG and Margard* products, new Lexan ULG1003 112OQ sheet offers the best optical properties of the Lexan PC product line. Optical quality has been designed into the manufacturing process to help meet the needs of the most demanding applications, and improvements in manufacturing technology have resulted in a significant reduction in discrete defects.

SABIC Innovative Plastics’ manufacturing facilities meet the requirements of ISO 9002. This rigorous quality control program ensures only the best quality sheets will be delivered to customers. Further, during the optical control phase, each sheet is automatically inspected by a camera system to help identify the occasional defect.

“Few suppliers are able to consistently produce clear sheet with such a low number of discrete defects like SABIC Innovative Plastics,” said Hughes. “The extremely low number of such defects will help our lamination customers drive productivity in the form of higher lamination yields.”

The Lexan ULG1003 112OQ sheet is now featured on the roof panels, canopies and rear triangular windows of the Spyker C8 Laviolette, a new model from Spyker Cars N.V. Virtually unbreakable, high optical quality Lexan ULG1003 112OQ sheet provides crystal clear transparency with value-added performance features including light weight and minimization of ripple, distortion and optical defects.

Special versions of Lexan ULG1003 112OQ sheet with hard coating on one side are also available for customers in the lamination industry. These grades – Lexan HLG5 112OQ sheet and Lexan HLGA3 112OQ sheet – offer best-in-class scratch resistance in combination with exceptional optical properties. Lexan HLGA3 sheet is an excellent option for customers interested in maximum scratch resistance, whereas Lexan HLG5 sheet offers the better weathering performance.

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