Eska Showcase New Futuristic Endo-Exo Prosthesis

Eska America President & CEO Mr. Ulrich Henssge, Eska America Sales & Marketing representative George Stanley, and Eska America Board member Prof. Dr. Joerg Scholz from Berlin, Germany gave orthopedic surgeons the first look at its not yet U.S. FDA approved futuristic Endo-Exo Prosthesis for above knee amputees, at the AAHKS (American Association for Hip & Knee Surgeons) show.

The event was the prestigious Dallas Hip & Knee Society (AAHKS) meeting November 6-9th and attended by an elite group of voted-in AAHKS orthopedic surgeons. Orthopedic surgeons have implanted the Endo-Exo prosthesis in over 46 amputees with post-operative patient data collection up to 6 years out. No other orthopedic company in the world has this experience with Endo-Exo Prosthesis. Eska America includes the U.S., Central America & South America and is an international company with global presence.

ESKA Implants is a 30-year-old company with manufacturing facilities in Luebeck, Germany. The Endo-Exo Prosthesis is a one-of-a-kind, life changing event for above the knee amputees. The Endo internal implant is surgically implanted into the distal femur bone by orthopedic surgeons. The robotic Exo senses where the patient needs to put the lower external part and "foot" on the ground. ESKA's claim to fame is its patented Spongiosa Metal cast cobalt chrome, highly porous (70% porosity) structure, electromagnetically treated with titanium for high bone ingrowth and biocompatibility. Hans Grundei PhD, ESKA founder and holder of over 1000 orthopedic patents, invented the Spongiosa Metal with Prof. Dr. Henssge in 1980 and received a prestigious IF material award for Spongiosa Metal II at the 2006 Hanover, Germany Trade show.

ESKA has many other hip and knee implants with tumor implants and custom made-to-order implants that can be manufactured and delivered in approximately 2 weeks. Presently, Eska America has two primary hips that are U.S. FDA approved: ESKA-libur, a straight modular hip stem with Spongiosa Metal and metal osseous cones to give the orthopedic surgeon any angle of modularity necessary and includes lateralization and GHE, an anatomic proximally coated Spongiosa Metal hip stem with left and right double wedge structure. Spongiosa Metal acetabular cups -- no hole, and 5 hole; poly ethylene acetabular cup liners -- neutral and hooded; 28 or 32 metal and ceramic hip balls; and bipolar heads are also approved. Both hip stems are also available for cement applications.

Orthopedic surgeons at the AAHKS (American Association for Hip and Knee Surgeons) were impressed. The Endo-Exo Prosthesis from ESKA represents the newest innovation in patient care for above the knee amputees, increasing mobility, range of motion, quality of life and full integration into the workplace. Hiking, walking, riding a motorcycle, horseback riding, and many other activities are possible with the Endo-Exo Prosthesis.

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