New Book Provides a Comprehensive Review of Weld Cracking in Ferrous Alloys

Compromising the integrity of welding structures and posing a dangerous threat, weld cracks are an unacceptable defect in modern construction. Whilst remedial action is possibly this relies highly on accurate prediction and evaluation. Weld Cracking in Ferrous Alloys from Woodhead Publishing reviews recent developments in the design and material selection for preventing weld cracking.

Introductory chapters review the latest technology and material advances for preventing weld cracking which include the development of special purpose electrodes and hardfacing of austenitic steel components. A further set of chapters explore mechanical characteristics of stainless steel, ferratic steels and welded joints including creep-fatigue interaction and creep rapture strength. Further chapters analyses testing and evaluation methods for the repair of weld cracks covering a variety of methods from non0-destructive to hardness testing. This brand new title is bolstered by the inclusion of a robust chapter on NDE and quality control detailing standards and specifications for weld testing.

With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Weld cracking in ferrous alloys is a valuable source of reference for all those concerned with improving the quality of welding and welded components.

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