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Floor Sealants Provide Long-Term Protection of Concrete

The application of concrete floor sealant is one of the most important steps in the long-term protection of any concrete surface. has updated its concrete sealer section with up-to-date articles and information on today's most innovative products, including tips on how to seal concrete floors, functions of sealers and how to pick the right type of sealer.

Concrete floor sealant application.

Once a decorative concrete floor is installed, whether it is a stamped pool deck or patio, an interlocking paver driveway or a stained floor, proper maintenance and protection with the right type of concrete sealer is key in keeping the floor spectacular for many years while extending its service life.

Sealers fall into two broad categories: penetrating sealers and film forming sealers. Some of their main functions are to beautify and enhance color, protect surfaces from dirt, oil, grease, and chemicals, resist abrasion and UV exposure, repel water and more.

Penetrating sealers are most commonly used to improve the durability of exterior concrete surfaces subject to corrosion and freeze-thaw damage. While film-forming sealers are most often used for decorative concrete work, and they do just what the name implies - form a protective film on the surface of the concrete.

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