Groundbreaking Innovation for OLED Displays

MicroOLED, a recognized leader in the development of efficient organic light emitting diode) technologies (OLED), today announced the release of a new high-definition multimedia interface allowing its high-resolution microdisplays to connect to the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) OMAP™ platform.

A groundbreaking innovation for mobile gaming and video entertainment, the new interface enables 3D video or 3D gaming while using specially-designed video glasses. Leveraging a single HDMI connection to the mobile phone, the solution generates both left and right SD video streams onto the microdisplays embedded within the glasses, thus allowing gamers and video enthusiasts to view and/or interact with their favorite multimedia content while on the go.

The new system also features the MicroOLED wide video graphics array plus (WVGA+) high-resolution OLED microdisplay withRGB video interface. This microdisplay is based on MicroOLED’s proprietary OLED-on-CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) technology, which delivers high-resolution video while offering an extremely small footprint, low power consumption and outstanding image picture quality. This advancement makes the technology ideally suited for high-end video glasses that support best in class 3D image quality and mobile entertainment, whether at home or on the move.

MicroOLED’s technology successfully connects to TI’s proven OMAP platform via a single HDMI connection, delivering optimal processing performance to decode high definition video streams along with power from which MicroOLED’s technology generates two 873 x 500 pixels videos. This dual-technology combination will empower mobile telecommunications carriers to sell full, DVD-quality 3D content on their video-on-demand portals for mobile applications. The result of this effort is the creation of technologies for 3D mobile devices and applications enabling life-like user experience.

“By integrating our energy-efficient microdisplay into 3D video glasses and this 3D interface, we are enabling a full range of new mobile entertainment applications ranging from 3D gaming to HD mobile video. This is made possible only by combining TI’s OMAP platform and MicroOLED’s microdisplays, two leading technologies that deliver low power consumption and high performance,” explained Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of MICROOLED.

“TI is enthusiastic about the capabilities that MicroOLED’s technology enables on the leading OMAP platform,” said Elias Belmand, director for TI’s wireless business Europe. “We’re entering a new era of wireless possibilities – one in which consumers increasingly crave for HD 3D content viewing capabilities attached to their mobile. With incredible 3D-image quality and HD capabilities, MicroOLED’s imagers and optical technologies breaks the barriers of on-the-go visual stereo HD experience, promising a whole new level of userhandset interaction.

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