Arburg to Launch New Machine Range High Performance Energy Efficient Plastic Processing Machines

Until now, high performance and energy-efficient operation were machine features that could seldom be achieved simultaneously. At the 2009 Technology Days, Arburg is to launch a new machine range - the new Allrounder H - onto the market, which can achieve both to perfection. The Allrounder with Hidrive as its product name combines high performance with energy-efficient drive technology. It is ideal for thermoplastics processing with reduced cycle times.

The abbreviation “H” also stands for the machines’ hybrid drive concept, that is, the powerful combination of electric and hydraulic machine components integrated in the Allrounder H. The product name “Hidrive” clearly symbolises the high-capacity nature of this machine concept.

At the Technology Days, Allrounders 470 H and 570 H were presented as representatives of the new series, featuring clamping forces ranging from 600 to 3,200 kN.

High-performance machine for reduced cycle times
The high achievable production capacity of the Allrounder H is the result of meticulously combining tried and tested servo-electric and hydraulic components from the modular Allrounder system. The servo-electric clamping units originate from the electric Allrounder A series, and are complemented by hydraulic injection units from the Allrounder S advance. This combination is further enhanced by performance-adapted hydraulic accumulator technology. Thanks to their generously sized injection units, Allrounder H machines also boast a correspondingly high injection performance in relation to the clamping force.

However, high performance capabilities must also be demonstrated in the form of reduced cycle times. And this is ensured by the servo-electric toggle-type clamping units of the Allrounder H machines. These make fast, dynamic mould movements achievable without problem. As the axes can be moved independently, simultaneous movements are possible in any combination. Highly dynamic injection and a large maximum injection flow rate are further excellent features. This machine equipment also allows the option of “flying” injection with simultaneous closing of the mould.

Servo-electric drives optimise energy use: up to 40 % energy savings
How can capacity like this be made available and energy optimised at the same time? By equipping the energy-intensive dosage process with a servo-electric direct drive, just like the toggle-type clamping unit. With this technology, the braking energy of the servo motors is recovered and fed back into the mains, further optimising the machines’ overall energy consumption. Furthermore, charging of the hydraulic accumulator is dynamically regulated, so that the pressure level is automatically adapted in line with actual demand. In this way, the hydraulic accumulator always has the right charge pressure for each specific process. Energy savings of up to 40 % can be achieved, because in addition to the servo-electric drive and braking energy recovery, the hydraulic accumulator is also driven with the minimum amount of installed pump capacity and by motors of efficiency class EFF1. It is therefore no surprise that the new Allrounder H machines also bear the Arburg “e²” energy-efficiency label.

High value for customers
The fusion of existing, sophisticated machine technology from the Allrounder A and S in the new Allrounder H endows this new machine concept with special value. For customers, this consistent standardisation brings two tangible advantages: Allrounders offer extensive, technically high-quality standard equipment coupled with an exceptionally attractive price/performance ratio.

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