New Version Pulse Tube Cryocooler of Successful Physical Property Measurement Device under Development

LOT Oriel + Quantum Design announces that it has a new development project to produce a Pulse Tube Cryocooler-based version of its popular Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). The concept of this new system, called the DynaCoolTM, will be to provide all the current capabilities of the PPMS without the need for any liquid cryogens.

The DynaCool system uses a two-stage Pulse Tube cooler to not only cool the superconducting magnet but also provide the cooling for the temperature control system and the internal thermal shield. Utilizing a new approach to cryocooler equipment design, the DynaCool system employs a new He-based temperature control system and gas flow technology.

The DynaCool will also incorporate an integrated CryoPump that can be used to pump the sample space to a vacuum of <10-4 Torr. This allows for the easy installation the various PPMS Measurement Options or user experiments that may require a high vacuum environment.


  • No use of cryogenic liquids
  • Fully automated operation of all PPMS applications/options
  • Built-in Cryopump for high vacuum application
  • New electronics using CAN architecture for improved reliability
  • Standby mode conserves power and requires only 30 minutes to become fully operational


  • Avoids the cost and inconvenience associated with the use of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen
  • System requires only electricity (7.5 kW), water and helium gas for operation
  • Can be used even where no liquid helium is available and infrastructure
  • Eliminates need for expensive helium reliquification equipment
  • Can be operated only when measurements are needed

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