Toxic Chinese Drywall Issue to Eclipse any other Product Liability Issue in US History

Americas Watchdog and its Homeowners Consumer Center have been advancing a nationwide and state by state of toxic Chinese drywall since the beginning of the year. According to the group, "the toxic Chinese drywall issue will eclipse any product defect, or liability issue in US history. The imported Chinese construction product not only corrodes or discolors cooper, or silver in a house; much more importantly the product is making homeowners sick." The group says, "its about time for the Obama Administration and the US EPA to show up and act like a federal government should. The group is now announcing that the Chinese toxic drywall is in Texas, in significant quantities, and this Chinese drywall issue is about to turn into a first class national disaster, at the worst possible time in our economic history." Individuals who suspect they have the toxic Chinese drywall in their home should call the Homeowners Consumer Center at 866-714-6466 or contact them via their web site at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com.

What Are The Symptoms Of Toxic Chinese Drywall In A Home?

US Homes affected will have been built or remodeled after 2001

Most Importantly Health & Toxic Chinese Drywall:

  • There have been no formal health studies on the affects of exposure to toxic Chinese dry wall. However, some common denominators appear to present, as follow: nose bleeds, headaches, coughs, upper respiratory or sinus issues, rashes. The Homeowners Consumer Center believes that exposure to toxic Chinese drywall, and some of these medical symptoms are related, because homeowners in new homes in different parts of the country, different states, all share two things in common---the fact that Chinese drywall is in their house, and they have these medical conditions. In many cases not everyone in the family will share the same symptoms. If you live in a home and suspect toxic Chinese drywall is present you can call the Homeowners Consumer Center anytime at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via their web site at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com
  • Family pets may have died from exposure in US homes with Chinese toxic drywall

Other Indicators of Toxic Chinese Drywall In A New US Home, Town Home or Condominium:

  • Homeowners, building owners, or occupants in most cases will have seen continuous failures of their air conditioning coils, or HVAC units beyond anything normal. Homeowners who suspect they might have the toxic Chinese drywall in their home should check the cooper coils on their air conditioning units. If the AC copper coils have turned black, or a grayish black they should contact the Homeowners Consumer Center at 866-714-6466.
  • Homeowners, building owners, or occupants may have noticed corroded, or black electrical wiring in their walls in properties built or remodeled since 2001. Many homeowners who have the toxic Chinese drywall in their home might have copper ground wires in the electrical receptacles that have turned black. Homeowners who suspect their home may have the Chinese drywall can remove electrical receptacle plates to see if the cooper ground wire has turned black. If a homeowner in any state sees this, they should call the Homeowners Consumer Center immediately at 866-714-6466.
  • Oven, or stove elements, or refrigerator coils may have failed in the homes, or condominiums a number of times. The homeowners Consumer Center has also discovered that computer, TV sets, radios, DVD players, smoke detectors microwave information display panels may have failed in homes, where the toxic Chinese drywall is present.
  • Light bulbs in homes with toxic Chinese drywall may burn out at a much faster rate than specified by the manufacturer.
  • High end silver jewelry, or silver plated utensils may be tarnished.

What US States are most likely to the Toxic Chinese drywall? "We think all US States will have the Chinese drywall. The new states we worry about the most are Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, Colorado, The Northwest, Hawaii and Alaska. Florida will easily go over 100,000 new homes, and we are certain the same will true of Texas. Remodeled homes in the US could easily be 200,000+ with the toxic Chinese drywall."

Note to all US Citizens. "If you have friends, or family who live in a post 2001 new, or remodeled home, and the family has had severe medical issues, combined with copper discoloring, electrical issues, please share this press release with them, and have the contact the Homeowners Consumer Center at 866-714-6466, if they have the symptoms. The groups web site is located at

Americas Watchdog and its Homeowners Consumer Center are all about homeowner protection and corporate responsibility.

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